SMC Panic Assertion Failed

The SMC, or System Management controller will be familiar to those who have ever done any sort of troubleshooting on a MacBook. iPhones also include an SMC, but rather than being its own chip, it is part of the CPU. These panics often make mention of the error BSC FAILURE.

Assertion Failed type panics have begun cropping up in iPhone 13 and later models. Similar to a Watchdog Timeout, they reboot the device at the three minute mark.

The log will generally mention an affected sensor array followed by a code. 
The following sensor codes are used on iPhone 13 models:0x400 is a bottom board issue (iPhone 13 Mini only).
- 0x800 is on the charge port assembly.
- 0x1000 is part of the front facing sensor cable.
- 0x4000 is part of the battery.
Sensors for the iPhone 14 are as follows:0x20000 is a sandwich board issue.
- 0x40000 is the charging port flex.
- 0x80000 is the proximity flex cable.
- 0x100000 is the power button flex. (Note: The source material at repair.wiki notes this error bit as 0x10000, but everything else in it points to it actually being 0x100000 so the conclusion is that 0x10000 is a typo and 0x100000 is the correct value.)
- 0x400000 - is the Wireless Charging Flex (Back Glass).
Note that more than one sensor can be indicated; for instance a code of 0x1800 on an iPhone 13 would indicate sensor problems on both the charge port and the front sensor cable.
These numbers are in hexadecimal, so they'll look weird when more than one appears; for instance, 0xC0000 would mean both the charging port and the proximity cable sensors on an iPhone 14. You have to use a programmer's calculator, set it to hexadecimal and add 0x40000 + 0x80000 = 0xC0000.

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